Coloured Prints

"Hi There, 

We just thought we would send you two new tracks that we have just released online for free. We were formerly known as The Shagbots and have changed our name recently before recording two new tracks in Calgary. We have re-focused our sound and these two tracks were produced with Chris Vail (The Dudes, Vailhalen). We just wanted you to have a listen to these two tracks and hopefully you will dig it.

Thanks for your time!

I was a big fan of the Shagbots, so naturally i'm a big fan of these guys.  Super talented, high energy, and local, what's better?

The Matthews Brothers

"We'd like for you to mention us because we're trying to get our music out all over the place.  All of our materials can be conveniently seen / heard here:  wwww.sonicbids.com/TheMatthewsBrothers "
Seems simple enough, check them out!

Man Your Horse

Check out Man Your Horse
You can have a listen (or download for free!) here: http://manyourhorse.bandcamp.com/

They're stopping into Calgary at The Area with This City Defects and Gunther for an all ages show.  

For a complete list of their shows see below.  Check them out, not only are they really talented but super nice haha, one of the nicest emails i've gotten.  He even thanked me for my time, that's sweet.

May 21st - Vancouver – The Railway Club – W/ Redrick Sultan / beekeeper / Aunts & Uncles
May 26th - Seattle - Comet Tavern - W/ Panther Attack / Wah Wah Exit Would / The Great Um
May 27th - Vancouver – The Biltmore – W/ NOMEANSNO / Ford Pier
June 3rd  - Kamloops – The Commodore - W/ Sgt Seaby / Inventing the Dinosaur
June 4th  - Calgary – The Area (ALL AGES) – W/ This City Defects / Gunther / +guests
June 5th  - Regina - TBA
June 6th  - Winnipeg – The Royal Albert W/ The Roots in Fluents / Morlords
June 7th  - Minneapolis - TBA
June 8th  - Chicago - Elbo Room – W/ Memphis Wentworth / These Guys These Guys / Dylan Dog
June 9th  - Pittsburgh - The Smiling Moose
June 10th  - New York - Coco66 - W/ Rioux / Kuxxan Suum / Dj Shy Guy
June 11th  - New York – The Rock Shop – W/Yourself & The Air / Ume
June 11th – New York – TBA (late show) – W/ Noxious Foxes / Multitudes
June 12th  - New York – Pianos - W/ Rioux
June 13th  - Philadelphia - JR's -  W/ Many Arms
June 14th  - Montreal - Divan Orange - W/ Cinema L'amour / Crabe / Public Affair
June 15th  - Ottawa - Zaphod's
June 16th  - Oshawa - TBA
June 17th  - Toronto - W/ The Bulletproof Tiger / Isosceles Project
June 18th  - Windsor - Phog Lounge - W/ The Bulletproof Tiger
June 19th  - Kalamazoo - The Strutt
June 20th  - Chicago - Pancho's
June 21st  - Minneapolis - Cause
June 22nd  - Winnipeg – The Lo Pub - W/ Peaches / Enjoy Your Pumas
June 23rd  - Saskatoon - TBA
June 24th  - Edmonton (The Works Festival) – W/ An Horse / Doug Hoyer
June 25th  - Calgary - TBA
June 26th  - SLEEP
June 27th  - Seattle – Rendezvous - W/ Pollens / Chemical Clock / Friendly Creatures
June 28th  - Portland - Ella St. Social Club – W/ The Harvey Girls / Amos Val
June 29th  - Chico - Origami Lounge - W/ The Americas / Your Are Plural / Birds of Fire
June 30th  - Santa Rosa - Arlene Francis - W/ enter - W/ The Americas / Your Are Plural / Polar Bears
July 1st  - San Fran - SubMission Gallery – W/ Clarissa Explains it All / The Americas
July 2nd  - San Diego - Tin Can Ale House - W/ Primitive Noyes
July 3rd  - LA - Origami Vinyl (afternoon show)
July 3rd  - LA - W/ The Body Parts / Cue the Moon
July 4th  - Fresno - CYC - W/ Tokyo Death March
July 5th  - San Fran - House show
July 6th  - San Diego - Texas Toast
July 7th  - Oakland - W/ Clarrissa Explains it All
July 8th  - Portland - Ella St Social Club - W/ Yeah Great Fine / S/S
July 9th  - Vancouver - Redgate - W/ the SSRIs


The Unravelling
"Canadian progressive metal band"
Pretty legit website with tons of info and downloads.  This music isn't exactly my style, but i'm going to pass them on to some friends who are since they're actually quite talented. 

Also in the same email, a band called Post Death Soundtrack was mentioned.
They're electro/rock
Boy & Girl

Calgary based band, just released their first album called "Love Crimes."  Kind of bluesy, reminds me of The Script or Train only fronted by a talented female.

procrastination started this blog, over and over again.

i randomly check the gmail account associated with this blog and am constantly surprised to see artists still taking time to send us an email even though we haven't posted in forever-ever. today, not wanting to do homework that i have neglected through reading break, i felt inspired to check the traffic and was again surprised to see a decent amount of people still coming here. then i googled calgary music blog and realized that we're the top hit...now it all makes sense.

i hate to disappoint, so i'm going to post up some recent and relevant artists that i've received emails from when i get the chance.

also, if you're reading this and want to email us, please send the following things, and only the following things:
your name and/or bands name, brief info about you, a link to youtube/myspace, why you're relevant to calgary, why i should take the time to post you.




Tremolo picking, double-bass galore, and the deepest growls and highest shrieks this side of the TransCanada highway are all available in healthy doses in Kataplexis’ music. Kataplexis play a unique blend of death metal and Grindcore, but judging by their music, they seem to transcend the genre boundaries and focus on the music itself rather than on its genre.

Vocalist Kyle Ball goes from growls to powerful shrieks instantly, while the guitar assault of Jordan Schritt and Erik Anderson balances between melody and technicality. The guitars are definitely the main highlight of the songs, and they range from thrashy to slow as seen in Force Fed and PST.  The drums, although not anything revolutionary to the genre, are still extremely technical and get the job done. Bassist Rory Babkirk is a skilled bass player, but the Grindcore genre is notorious for having bass lines mixed very low. Nevertheless, Babkirk’s bass lines in songs like Razor Ramone, along with Dave Callahan’s furious drum fills, provide a great rhythm section that adds to the overall heaviness and skill of the music.

Having played with bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, Impaled, and Cattle Decapitation, Kataplexis have the necessary experience and talent needed to branch out and make a name for themselves in the metal world.
Kataplexis played their last show (for this year) at Vern’s on November 4th, and are currently in the pre-production stage of their upcoming full-length album. You can listen to Kataplexis’ music at http://www.myspace.com/kataplexis.