Matt Blais!

Matt Blais

I found Matt’s CD sometime last year when Play in Market Mall was closing. I was buying another CD and I figured I would pick something else up that was completely random. I had never heard of Matt at the time but I honestly bought it because I thought the cover was super cool. Anyways, I got back to my car and put it into my stereo, and I really enjoyed it! Although I am a bit more of a Death Cab For Cutie sort of indie fan, Matts music still made it’s way onto my itunes, and his song Oh, What Can I Do is pretty high up in my listens count.

Matt’s voice is entirely unique, and really fits into his old-style rock and roll music edge. If you are into classic rock, or just like a unique voice and refreshing style, his music is for you!

Unfortunately, you cannot find any of the songs on his EP that I have (The Matt Blais Connection) on his Myspace. This just means you will have to check him out in person in one of his upcoming shows (listed below). But for the time being, he does have this cool song called “I’m In Love” up. Being the romantic that I am, I am terribly curious to hear about the inspiration for this song, I’ll ask and get back to you!

You can check out Matt live in Okotoks tomorrow night at the Broken Stone.

Or: In Olds at Tracks Pub on October 23rd

Or for us city kids, at Cieli’s Irish Pub (803 8th Ave SW) on Nov 7th (For those of you who haven’t been to Cieli’s, it’s a great place! My friend had her first muff dive there, and the staff was amazing when she couldn’t figure out how to do it haha)



  1. Matt is awesome!! I have seen him play a few times and he never disappoints.

  2. My Mom bought a CD of him.She really admire Matt Blais because of his beautiful voice..My mom always listened in his songs..

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  3. I love Mat a lot and I do admire his voice..I want to have a voice like him..He is such a good singer.!I really enjoyed listening of his songs..I love you Matt..Keep up the good work..Mwuah2x..

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